Blacktop Plus® - Find Your Edge

2" wide by 200" long uncut roll of Blacktop Tape™.

Designed for shoulders, back/neck, groin, and arm muscle support.

Designed for patellar tracking, elbow, and general knee support.

Designed for IT band, achilles tendon, and leg muscle support.

Designed for hand/wrist support, plantar faciitis, and general swelling.

Each pack contains 20 strips measuring 2" wide by 10"long.

5-in-1 Foam Roller with multiple textures and twist off end caps for storage.

A 4" wide by 100" long uncut roll for customized taping applications.

Heating and Cooling Sensations from Added Ingredients in the Adhesive

Pre-Cut Shapes for Easy Application   and Less Time Spent Taping

Increased Adhesive Strength for Reduced Peeling and Longer Lasting Application