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Heating/Cooling Ingredients Infused in Adhesive

Ginger as a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Pre-Cut Shapes for Easy Application

Increased Adhesive Strength for Long Lasting Applications

Foam Roller Bundle

Buy our 5-in-1 foam roller and get a free pack of our revolutionary kinesiology shapes.

Our foam roller features 3 different treads for varied pressure, internal storage, and an easy travel size makes this the only foam roller you need no matter where you are.

As a thank you, from us we will also send you a free pack of our pre-engineered kinesiology shapes. Our revolutionary kinesiology tape, with all natural ingredients infused in the adhesive designed to help any athlete stay on top of their game.

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Training Bundle

When you bundle our 5-in-1 foam roller and a roll of Blacktop Tape, we will send you a free pack of our Pre-Engineered Kinesiology Shapes and a free Blacktop Plus Shaker Bottle.

You've got goals this new year. Start them off on the right foot with our convenient foam roller and professional grade kinesiology tape. With this bundle you will pair the convenience and speed of our pre-cut shapes with the flexibility of a roll of tape to make sure your athlete is prepared no matter what.

Take your training to the next level with the Blacktop Plus Training Bundle.

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Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape Shapes

Pre-Engineered Shapes

Our Pre-Engineered shapes are designed for specific injuries and areas of the body to help you get taped up and on the field as quickly as possible. No need for cutting or complicated patterns here, we've done the hard work for you.

Blacktop Shape 1
3 Pack

Designed for IT band, achilles tendon, and leg muscle support.

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Blacktop Shape 2
3 Pack

Designed for knee and elbow support.

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Blacktop Shape 3
3 Pack

Designed for shoulders, back/neck, groin, and arm muscle support.

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Blacktop Shape 7
3 Pack

Designed for hand/wrist support, plantar fasciitis, and general swelling.

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Blacktop Tape™ Rolls

Sometimes you need a bit more customization. Whether you are a professional or just need to customize your application, our uncut rolls give you the flexibility you need to match your kinesiology taping needs.

Blacktop Tape™ - 2" x 200" Uncut Roll

This 2" wide by 100" long roll will look very similar to our competition, but you will feel the difference our active ingredients make.

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Blacktop Tape™ - 4" x 100"
Uncut Roll

This slightly wider roll offers better coverage and can be used as part of more complicated taping applications.

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Blacktop Tape™ - 4" x 200"
Uncut Roll

A longer version of our 4" wide roll, you can save even more with twice as much tape for only $6 more than our 4"x100" roll.

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Blacktop Tape™ Pre-Cut Strips
20 Pack

Each pack contains 20, 2"x10" pre-cut strips for a combination of customization and convenience.

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Blacktop Tape™ - 2" x 125 ft
Uncut Roll

This roll is designed for people who need tape in bulk. 2"x 125 ft so you can keep on going without running out of Blacktop Tape™.

  • Blue - $64.99
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Discounted Out of Box
Blacktop Tape™ - 2"x 125 ft 

For professionals looking to save on their bulk taping needs. These rolls are still in their heat sealed packaging, but the boxes were damaged in transit.

  • Blue - $54.99
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Other Training and Recovery Solutions

5-in-1 Foam Roller

3 different treads for varied pressure, internal storage, and an easy travel size makes this the only foam roller you need no matter where you are.

  • Black - $44.99
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10% Back to Youth Sports

Sports have played such a big part in the lives of so many here at Blacktop+ that we knew from the very start we wanted to give back to the sports community.

Many of us have been blessed with amazing facilities, great equipment, and the opportunities to progress through organized sports. Much of the world, however, does not have those same opportunities.

10% of Profits Will be Donated to Youth Sports Around the World

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