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I recently ran a half marathon even though I had some tendinitis in my achilles. After the half marathon, both of my achilles tendons really hurt. The blacktop tape helped bring rapid relief. Along with icing, rest, and an anti-inflammatory, I used the tape to help my tendons get relief and heal. Thank you for a great product!

Mike G. - Utah

I had ordered to have it on hand for when we needed it. But holy cow do I love it. It’s a great tape and the ease of use plus the added oils make it far superior than the others we’ve used. I told other parents about how much it helped my oldest daughter and I have quite a few parents who’d like to order :-). I told them I’d reach out to you and we’d get a bulk order in. Thank you so much for this product. It’s helped alleviate pain and helped with healing far better than anything else we’ve tried!!!

Meredith B. - Competitive Softball Mom - Arizona

We used Blacktop+ Kinesiology tape recently at  Dances with Dirt, a 100 kilometer (62 mile) trail running relay race.  The analgesic benefits, along with the muscle relieving support, of their tape were greatly appreciated throughout the entire 62 mile course.  Blacktop is truly the next level in Kinesiology tape.

Tom C. - Michigan

This tape feels so great! I gave a bunch away to teammates to try and they all started asking how to buy it. I could even feel it the second day during practice.

Caesar - High School Football Player - Texas

Feel it Work®

We are an evolution in the Kinesiology Taping Industry, with improved adhesive, simple application, and added ingredients to help you perform better, recover better and Feel it Work ®.

Kinesiology tape

Heating and Cooling Sensations from Added Ingredients in the Adhesive

Ginger as a Natural Anti-Inflammatory to Fight Swelling and Help Prevent Cramps.

Pre-Cut Shapes for Easy Application and Less Time Spent Taping

Increased Adhesive Strength for Reduced Peeling and Longer Lasting Application