The Only Foam Roller You Need.
Wherever You Need It.

  • 3 Tread Patterns for Varied Pressure and Intensity Levels
  • Twist off End Caps and Internal Storage
  • Convenient Travel Size with a Carrying Bag
  • Plus a Free Sample of Our Revolutionary Kinesiology Tape
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With our three unique treads, you are the master of your routine. 

Bigger, Thicker Knobs For Deep Digs

Smooth Surface For When You're Too Sore

Medium Knobs For Those In-between Days

We designed our foam roller to be the only roller you will need, wherever you go, whenever you go.

Our travel-sized roller features seamless twist-off caps on both ends for storage and for use with exercise bands
 internal storage.

Blacktop Plus 5-in-1 Roller

 Blacktop Plus
5-in-1 Roller

A critical recovery tool for athletes around the world, foam rollers are the closest thing to a massage therapist in your own home. Adding a simple foam rolling session to your recovery ritual can help relieve muscle tension and muscle soreness.

Get a deeper dig with the big knobs, a medium massage with the small knobs, or a softer touch with the smooth surface.

**As a special thank you, we will send you a free sample of our revolutionary kinesiology tape to help kick your recovery up to the next level. Feel our all-natural formula get to work with warming/cooling sensations and a natural anti-inflammatory to get you ready for your next race, meet, or game.

Bundle Value: $33.98

You Pay: $24.99


Looking for More Tape and More Value? 
Try our Blacktop Training Bundle

In this bundle, you buy our 5-in-1 Foam Roller and a 2"x200" Uncut Roll of our advanced kinesiology tape.

As a thank you, we will send you a free shaker bottle and a free pack of shapes to simplify your kinesiology taping process.

Bundle Value: $51.97

You Pay: $37.98


*Disclaimer: Due to its weight, our foam roller does not count toward free shipping. Your order will calculate the free shipping on our other products while including shipping costs for our roller.