Kinesiology tape

Heating and Cooling Sensations from Added Ingredients in the Adhesive

Ginger as a natural anti-inflammatory to fight swelling and help prevent cramps.

Pre-Cut Shapes for Easy Application   and Less Time Spent Taping

Increased Adhesive Strength for Reduced Peeling and Longer Lasting Application

Pitfalls of Products on the Market Today

We did our research. There are several pitfalls that face the rest of the kinesiology taping industry. We decided to focus our efforts on the biggest shortcomings of current kinesiology products.

Overly Complicated

You already spent the time studying. You shouldn't need a second degree or a complicated road map to apply kinesology tape. 

We set out to save you time by eliminating the need for cutting or twisting tape to get things just right. We've created easy to use shapes for all of the most common kinesiology applications to save you time and make your life easier. 

Weak Adhesive

Current kinesiology products have adhesive that just doesn't hold up. Without removing all the hair from the treated area and extra adhesive spary, the tape will begin peeling before the game or workout really gets started.

For our tape, we worked to get the right balance where the tape will stick from your warm-up all the way through overtime but will still come off when you need it to.

Unnoticed Benefits

Probably the biggest pitfall for kinesiology taping products today is that the effects are basically unnoticeable. Though many people are aware of kinesiology tape, most people have no idea of what the benefits are.

Our tape has all the standard benefits of kinesiology taping, but with the added ingredients in our adhesive, customerss can actually feel the difference after the tape has been applied. If your clients can Feel It Work® they are more likely to keep coming back and bring in their friends and family. 

Its Time for a Change.

Kinesiology Tape Shoulder

The kinesiology taping industry has remained relatively unchanged since its beginnings in the 1970's. 

We looked around the market and saw many improvements that could be made to better improve how we warmup, perform, and recover.

By infusing menthol and capsaicin into the adhesive, we have created a tape that improves circulation beyond the capabilities of existing kinesiology tapes by stimulating the desired area with heating and cooling sensations.

The ginger adds a natural anti-inflammatory can aid recovery througout your workout, help you experience lower levels of muscle fatigue.

All of these aspects together help increase your bodies natural recovery process and allows you to Feel It Work®.

Menthol is an organic compound that produces a minty scent. When menthol is applied topically, it creates a cooling sensation.

Studies have shown that when menthol is applied topically, it is beneficial in alleviating minor musculoskeletal pain. It can be very useful in caring for clients with muscle cramps, arthritis, sprains, and other nagging aches and pains.

Menthol has also been shown to increase the size of blood vessels, allowing for increased blood circulation to treated areas.

Want a peer reviewed study on the effects of Menthol?:


Capsaicin has been shown to work as a temporary pain reliever. When applied topically, capsaicin creates a warming sensation that dissipates over time.

For years, capsaicin has been used in creams and lotions to relieve pain related to joints. Capsaicin works to block pain receptor nerves, which in turn blocks pain signals between the brain and the treated area.

Additionally, research shows that capsaicin works best when paired with an anti-inflammatory.

Want a peer reviewed study on the effects of Capsaicin?:

Ginger has been used for medicinal applications for a long time. 

According to Andrew Weil, "References to ginger's medicinal uses can be found in ancient Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and Greco-Roman writings. Ginger is chiefly known as an anti-inflammatory agent, nausea reliever and digestive aid." 

Modern tests have shown ginger to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to decrease muscle fatigue and cramping.

Want a peer reviewed study on the effects of Ginger?:

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