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Giving Back

Giving Back

Help others "Feel It Work" with 10% of the profit from your purchase.

Sports have played such a big part in the lives of so many here at Blacktop+ that we knew from the very start we wanted to give back to the sports community.
Many of us have been blessed with amazing facilities, great equipment and the opportunities to progress through organized sports. Much of the world, however, does not have those same opportunities.

 10% of Profit Will be Donated to Youth Sports Around the World

Net or goal on a field of grass with a sunset.

 We want our philanthropic adventures to involve YOU.

As the consumer, you will be the one who decides what location and which sport will receive the 10% of profit from your purchase. Upon checkout, you will be shown a list of sports that you want your 10% to help.
After a pre-determined period of time, or when we reach the goal amount for one of the sports, we will prepare our adventure to the destination and help better a field or facility by renovating or building what is needed as well as providing the necessary equipment.

Follow Along on Our Adventures to Give Back.

Dirty basketball court with hoops and goals.
Each time we travel to a new place we will be documenting our adventure and the work that is done to help some area have a better opportunity for safe play. We will have pictures with the locals and videos of the work being done. We may even have some surprise local guests show up to hang out with everyone involved in the efforts.
Follow along on social media in order to stay up-to-date on each new adventure. See how the 10% profit of your purchase is being used and how YOU helped the global sports community.
Without YOU, none of this is possible.
Thank you.
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