Uncut Roll – 200" (2" Wide)

Color: Black

Our 200-inch roll offers the flexibility to tailor your taping to your specific needs or to allow your healthcare professional to apply the tape as needed. While our pre-cut shapes meet the needs of most individuals, kinesiology taping techniques can be complex and uncut roll may be better suited for additional customization.

      Product Details
      • Includes one (1) roll per package.
      • Length: 200 in.
      • Width: 2 in.
      • Infused with a natural blend of menthol, capsaicin, and ginger.
      • Roughly 10% more waterproof adhesive strength than the leading competition brand.
      Suggested Uses

      Use for 1-3 days. The chance of slight skin irritation increases with extended use beyond recommended and the ability to feel the ingredients diminishes overtime.


      Not clinically proven for all injuries. You must consult your doctor or care physical before use.