How to Tape for Shoulder Support with Blacktop Shape 3

Your shoulder is one of the more complicated joints in your body. This complexity gives you a wide range of capabilities, but can also leave you vulnerable to overuse and other injuries.

Aiding the shoulder joint using proper taping techniques, may help prevent further damage to the structures within the joint.

If you are experiencing bursitis, stiffness, or general shoulder pain, this shape is designed for you. Our pre-engineered shapes and patented formula are designed to keep you on the field or help you get back to peak performance.

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Blacktop Shape 3 - Shoulder Support - 3 Pack

Our patent-pending pre-cut shapes have been designed by our resident expert Dr. Steve to save you time and effort when applying kinesiology tape.

Every shape includes our patent-pending all-natural formula with menthol for cooling, capsaicin for heating, and ginger for a natural anti-inflammatory.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain and are looking for relief, shape 3 has been designed to help you.